7 Most Charming Updos for Short Hair Wedding

updos for short hair wedding

You might be looking for best ideas of updos for short hair wedding, that’s why you are here. Bride’s hair is the most important thing on the big day, even have more importance than the dress of the bride. An updo is a thing that can add more elegance to both your hair and face. Here below are given some of the best updo ideas for short hair that you can try on your wedding. Take a look!

Lovely Updos for Short Hair Wedding 2018:

1Updos for Short Hair Wedding with Flowers:

Short hair updos with flowers looks really elegant and is the ideal hairstyle to adopt on your wedding. The flower updo on your hair will provide glittering to your face and will also give you a refreshing feeling.

2Wedding Updos for Short Hair with Braids:

It is a common perception that women with short hair can’t have braids in their hair. But that’s not true, short hair with braids works perfectly fine for brides on their wedding. The braids updo style works well with both straight and curly hair. Just start a braid from both sides of head and work it around to your back head. Once you are done with it, apply pins to the loose ends to adjust the shape.

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3Short Hair Wedding Updos with Fringe:

This short hair updo with fringe is comparatively a smaller updo, with an attractive braid design to the top of head. The fringes laying a little sloppy from the front are looking just perfect, making this fringe updo short haircut a great option to adopt in a formal event.

4Simple Wedding Updos for Women with Short Hair:

A simple updo with short hair looks really stunning and people love it. With the help of woven braids the hair is settled around the back. Making the face from the front free and clear from messy hair, drawing all the attention towards the beauty of face. This simple updo style is a good option for you to consider for your wedding. Because it is both simple and attractive at the same time.

5Quick and Easy Wedding Updo:

This short hairstyle with updo is the most popular hairstyle at the moment. The reason is that it is really easy and also very quick to set. If you want to try this, then spend a few minutes on it and you are ready to go.

6Short Hair Marriage Updo for Black Women:

The best wedding updo for Black women with short hair would be a “rolled updo”. This unique updo style can be made twisting and rolling the hair to a single side, but before doing that roll you hair into an updo and slightly tease it for some extra body. Use a few bobby pins to set your hair and you got a glamorous hairstyle for your wedding.

7Updos for Short Hair Wedding for Blonde:

Short hair looks absolutely flawless in short updo hairstyles and if you have blonde hairs, then it will add elegance to it. Try to add some wavy texture to this haircut to make it look more stunning. Fringe will also work better with this hairstyle.


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