9 Impressive Short Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair

short haircuts for thick wavy hair

If you possess natural thick hair, then you may consider yourself really lucky as you can try different stylish short haircuts for thick wavy hair. Giving proper care to your hair will help you in styling them easily using conditioners and shampoos. Short haircuts with wavy styles not only look brilliant with your thin hair but are also last long. A wavy short haircut could be an ideal option for all those women who wants to have messy hair but with effortless allure. Here below are given some of the most amazing and stylish short wavy hairstyles recommendation for you. Take a look:

Most Charming Short Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair:

1Short Thick Wavy Haircut of 2018:

If you are naturally gifted with beautiful thick hair, then you need to make them more beautiful by applying some awesome hairstyles to it. 2018 is here now, and women are looking for more trendy hairstyles to apply on their thick hair. We recommend them to have short haircut, in order to make their face look clearer. If you apply wavy style to your hair, then it will definitely be worth to watch.

2Short Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair Over 50:

A thick short hairstyle with wavy texture can help in making your face glow, even if you are in your 50’s. Have some long layers with it and try grey hair color, you will be definitely surprise that how these small changes have transformed your appearance.

3Thick Wavy Short Haircuts for Round Faces:

Women with round face finds it really difficult to style their hair. A fashionable short hairstyle can transform your kid like round face into an elegant lady face. Just apply some wavy styles to your thick hair and you are done.

4Short Wavy Thick Hairstyle for Oval Faces:

If you possess an oval shaped face then you will consider yourself as lucky. Because an oval shape is the most versatile face shape, that makes a perfect combination with almost all type of hairstyles. You won’t be disappoint, if you try wavy style short haircut with thick hair on your oval face.

5Square Faced Women with Thick Wavy Short Haircut:

If you are a women with square-shaped face, then you should be really proud of it. But also you need to be very cautious especially while adopting a hairstyle. A long layer wavy hairstyle with thick short hair will ideally suit this type of square face.

6Over 60:

If you are women of over 60, then it doesn’t mean that you only have the choice to acquire boring short hairstyles. Doesn’t matter if you are old, you are still blessed with the charm which you need to present to other people. A solid short wavy hairstyle will help you in bringing that charm to your face.

7Short Blonde Thick Wavy Haircut:

Having a short wavy hairstyle has two main advantages. One is that they are low maintenance and the other one is that they provide you cool relief in the days of hot summer. If you try them with blonde hair, then it will give such adorable look that will be hard to resist.

8For Black Women:

When you search for black women hairstyles, you will find out that how fashionable these women are in terms of adopting hairstyles. Usually these black women prefer to have short stylish hair. This thick wavy hairstyle will match perfectly with short hair of black women and will add more captivation to their personality.

9Short Haircuts for Thick Wavy Hair for Indian Women:

Indian women with thick hair are always looking for new trendy hairstyles. Wavy fashion hairstyle is something that can give their natural thick hair a windswept look. Add some color texture and curls to this short thick wavy hairstyle and it will look perfect on Indian women.


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