7 Adorable Curly Updos for Long Hair

curly updos for long hair

It’s a common perception that curly hair with updo don’t look good but in actual they both have the best combination with each other. Styling long curly hair is a really difficult task but is also very much fun in itself. An updo is very helpful in setting your curly long hair and transforming your messy look into a well-organized formal look. Women who always are busy in pinning their long curly hair needs to have updo with their hair to get rid of all sort of curly hair embarrassments. Take a few minutes and have a look to these great curly updos for long hair recommendations that assist you in looking much better.

Latest Curly Updos for Long Hair 2018:

1Curly Updos for Long Hair Prom:

During the days of high school, prom is a special event for which we all wait eagerly for the whole year. It is also very crucial to find a perfectly right hairstyle that suits you well and also gives charm to your personality. If you have curly long hair then an updo will do the work for your hairstyle on your prom. It is easily manageable and also looks great on long curly hair.

2Curly Blonde Updos for Long Hair:

This gorgeous updo is just perfect for you long curly blonde hair. This stylish updo helps you in showcasing your beautiful blonde hair. You can also have braids and fringe with your updo hairstyle to further upgrade your look to the next level.

3Curly Updos for Long Hair Wedding:

For a wedding you need to take a lot of tough decisions from what you wear to what will be your hairstyle. From all these choices the toughest and the most exciting one is your hairstyle. For a curly long hair, updo is an essential element for the wedding. It not only helps to set your long hair but also in adding glamour to your face.

4Curly Brown Updos for Long Hair:

Updos look elegant if you possess naturally brown curly long hair. To make your hair look more amazing try to adjust those with an updo which is not only very difficult to maintain but also don’t cost much for it.

5Curly Updos for Long Hair Round Faces:

If you possess a round face then you definitely know the challenges to prevent the width around your cheeks. A curly updo hairstyle takes the attraction of people from your face and give that attraction to your hair as they look super awesome with this hairstyle.

6For Chubby Faces:

It is really difficult to adopt a haircut that makes your chubby face more captivating. If you own long hair then a curly updo helps you in bringing charm and attraction to your face.

7Long Hair Curly Updos for Square Face:

Not many hairstyles look good with a square face. Curly updos look good with long hair as they help you to adjust your long hair and prevent them from bringing a messy look to your face.


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