4 Prettiest Purple Highlights on Black Hair You Should Try

purple highlights on black hair

Purple color is considered to be one of the most popular colors among women because it’s a color that has luxury and royalty in it. The popular trend of dying your hair gives purple color a way onto the hair of women in a great way. What makes it the favorite color of women is that you can play around with this color by creating unique hair look with it that also looks ideal with your personality. The purple highlights on your black hair gives a unique texture to your appearance and help in making your look distinct from others.

Captivating Purple Highlights on Black Hair 2018:

1Purple Highlights on Black Curly Hair:

Women with black curly hair often have a serious concern that not all hair colors look fine on them. Don’t worry purple is a color that looks absolutely fresh and funky on your black curly hair. You can also apply different color shades with it, to make your look more brighten.

2Purple Highlights on Black Hair Wavy:

If you have thick wavy hair and you want some unique color texture to apply on it, then go to the purple highlights. The purple highlighted color will make the best combination with your black wavy hair, taking your hairstyle to a whole new level.

3Purple Highlights on Thin Hair:

This pixie hairstyle has purple highlighted texture in it. This haircut looks perfectly fine on women who naturally possess thin hair. The mixture of black and purple color makes the perfect combination on this hairstyle with edgy cuts providing it a very unique instinct.

4Purple Highlights on Thick Hair:

Purple highlights looks super stylish on women with thick hair. It not only looks perfect but also helps to capture the attention of people that are in your surroundings. If you are women who wants to see herself a unique look, then you need to try this purple highlights with a shoulder short haircut.

Purple color looks great on your hair, no matter what type of hairstyle you adopt. Either you adopt wavy or curly hairstyle, either you have thick or thin hair this color will add uniqueness and elegance to your personality that’s for sure.


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